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Yuni Saputri

Yuni Saputri

Living and studying at Nalanda University made Yuni Saputri reminisce about her high school life. She was a student at an Islamic boarding school or pesantren in her hometown in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Like in Nalanda University, students and teachers in a pesantren live around the school area. However, the 26-year-old said that the temperature Yuni Saputri

Tin Tran

Tin Tran Nalanda University

The Phoenix is an apt metaphor to depict the revived Nalanda University. Like this mythical bird, the historic campus was resurrected after being burned down to ashes. According to the university’s website, historical findings revealed that ancient Nalanda had a remarkable life lasting 800 years from the fifth to the twelfth century CE. After a Tin Tran

A Vibrant Ecosystem for Innovations

ASEAN and India are fast-rising hotspots for digital start-ups. This was evident in the first ASEAN-India Start-up Festival 2022, held on 27-30 October 2022 at the Innovation Convention Center in Cibinong, Indonesia.

Go Digital ASEAN Initiative: Narrowing the Digital Divide, One Entrepreneur at a Time

GO Digital ASEAN

In cities, it is common to see people, young and old, glued to their cellphones and reaping the benefits of various apps in the market. It is not always the case for small and micro-entrepreneurs living on the outskirts of the cities. Although these entrepreneurs may use social media, they do so for connection and Go Digital ASEAN Initiative: Narrowing the Digital Divide, One Entrepreneur at a Time

Luu Quang Tuan

Bullying of children is becoming a pervasive concern in the region. Director General Luu Quang Tuan shares with The ASEAN, some of the initiatives started by ASEAN to protect children from bullying, both online and offline.