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ASEAN-India Music Festival 2022: Bridging the Best of Southeast Asian and Indian Music

ASEAN-India Music Festival

It is Sunday evening in New Delhi, India. As the sun begins to set, a refreshing November wind blows, and a swarm of people flies into the magnificent historical fort of Delhi, Purana Qila. The fort looks more vibrant than usual, with colourful lanterns strung up on the trees and a dazzling stage set up ASEAN-India Music Festival 2022: Bridging the Best of Southeast Asian and Indian Music

Yuni Saputri

Yuni Saputri

Living and studying at Nalanda University made Yuni Saputri reminisce about her high school life. She was a student at an Islamic boarding school or pesantren in her hometown in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Like in Nalanda University, students and teachers in a pesantren live around the school area. However, the 26-year-old said that the temperature Yuni Saputri

Tin Tran

Tin Tran Nalanda University

The Phoenix is an apt metaphor to depict the revived Nalanda University. Like this mythical bird, the historic campus was resurrected after being burned down to ashes. According to the university’s website, historical findings revealed that ancient Nalanda had a remarkable life lasting 800 years from the fifth to the twelfth century CE. After a Tin Tran

30 Years of ASEAN-India relations

ASEAN-India Summit

The year 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of ASEAN-India relations, and its progression into a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. India initially came on board as a Sectoral Dialogue Partner in 1992, then gained Dialogue Partner status three years later. It began participating in ASEAN Summits in 2002, became a Strategic Partner in 2012, and in 2015, 30 Years of ASEAN-India relations

Commemorative Events

The ASEAN InterParliamentary Assembly (AIPA) Delegation’s visit to India on 10-14 August 2022.

ASEAN and India marked the anniversary of their partnership by holding several commemorative events throughout 2022. Some of these are high-level meetings, such as the Special Foreign Ministers’ Meeting and the Delhi Dialogue on 15-17 June 2022, the ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting Plus and ASEAN-India Defence Ministers’ Informal Meeting on 22-23 November 2022, and the Commemorative Events