Articles Category: ASEAN Identity and Community Building

ASEAN’s Demographic Transition

Southeast Asia is undergoing a significant demographic shift. In just over a century, the percentage of people aged 601 and older will surge from 4.7% in 1950 to a quarter of the population by 2050

Achieving the ASEAN Community Vision 2045

We often tell our youth that “the world is your oyster” as they embark towards their adult life, and they can do anything if they put their heart and mind into what they wish to achieve—from education choices, career aspirations, or to be at the cusp of other adventures yet to be determined.

ASEAN Youth Voices at the G20 Summit

The historic Asian-African Conference Building in Bandung, Indonesia, witnessed yet another notable moment on 24 July 2022 when hundreds of G20 Youth Summit (Y20) delegates gathered and declared a joint resolution for a better future. The communiqué was pivotal after a round of events that started earlier in the year.