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Swimming against the Mainstream: Thailand’s Bollywood niche market

It did not take long for Gangubai Kathiawadi (2022) to catch the attention of Thai movie-goers. Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the movie was released in Thailand on Netflix’s streaming service on 26 April 2022. Soon after, Thai social media was flooded with Gangubai’s reenactment, while the movie stayed in the platform’s local top chart Swimming against the Mainstream: Thailand’s Bollywood niche market

A Dive into Bollywood Fever in Southeast Asia

“Bollywood” was once a pejorative term for mainstream Hindi cinema, according to film scholar M. K. Raghavendra. It has since evolved to become a brand and one of the most visible “Indian” presences in the global arena, including in Southeast Asia.

ASEAN-India Music Festival 2022: Bridging the Best of Southeast Asian and Indian Music

ASEAN-India Music Festival

It is Sunday evening in New Delhi, India. As the sun begins to set, a refreshing November wind blows, and a swarm of people flies into the magnificent historical fort of Delhi, Purana Qila. The fort looks more vibrant than usual, with colourful lanterns strung up on the trees and a dazzling stage set up ASEAN-India Music Festival 2022: Bridging the Best of Southeast Asian and Indian Music

Poonam Adnani

Poonam Adnani

Poonam Adnani had just finished her fourth event of the day when she talked with The ASEAN. It was ten days after Diwali, and many in Jakarta were still celebrating. Adnani’s parents moved to Indonesia in the 1950s. She was born and raised in Bandung, and her family is part of a sizeable Indian diaspora Poonam Adnani

Yuni Saputri

Yuni Saputri

Living and studying at Nalanda University made Yuni Saputri reminisce about her high school life. She was a student at an Islamic boarding school or pesantren in her hometown in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Like in Nalanda University, students and teachers in a pesantren live around the school area. However, the 26-year-old said that the temperature Yuni Saputri

Tin Tran

Tin Tran Nalanda University

The Phoenix is an apt metaphor to depict the revived Nalanda University. Like this mythical bird, the historic campus was resurrected after being burned down to ashes. According to the university’s website, historical findings revealed that ancient Nalanda had a remarkable life lasting 800 years from the fifth to the twelfth century CE. After a Tin Tran

ASEAN-India Artists’ Camp 2022

Art is a powerful tool that brings people together and imbibes the socio-cultural practices of the time. The ASEAN-India Artists’ Camp 2022 was one such project. It recognised the power of art in fostering intercultural people-to-people exchanges to promote mutual understanding and tolerance.

Building Understanding and Cooperation: The ASEAN-EU Cultural Festival

To celebrate the milestone of 45 years of EU-ASEAN relations, the European Union Delegation to the ASEAN, together with the ASEAN Secretariat, organised the first-ever ASEAN-EU Cultural Festival. The festival highlights the value of culture as a vital element in international relations and its role in building and promoting understanding within and between societies.