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Issue 22
August 2022
Children First
in a post-pandemic world
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29 Aug 2022
Children, Education, Environment
Environmental Education for Children in ASEAN

Environmental changes have been wreaking havoc on Southeast Asian communities.

29 Aug 2022
Children, Health and COVID-19, Poverty Alleviation, Social Protection
Child Undernutrition Why It Matters

ASEAN’s aspiration to produce a highly skilled and productive workforce to prop up economic growth may be in peril.

28 Aug 2022
Health and COVID-19
ASEAN Health Sector Seeks Faster Pandemic Recovery, More Resilient Regional Health System

Recovering swiftly from the COVID-19 pandemic and building a crisis-resilient regional health system remain the top priorities of the ASEAN health sector.

26 Aug 2022
ASEAN-India Friendship Year

Entering the Fourth Decade of Cooperation

26 Aug 2022
Social Protection
The Care Economy

Creating Jobs, Bringing ASEAN Closer to SDGs

23 Aug 2022
Children, Education
ASEAN Continues to Fight Against Child Labour

The call for impactful and sustainable actions to end child labour is more urgent now, as the world faces a protracted pandemic and an impending global economic crisis. For over a decade, ASEAN has joined forces to combat the worst forms of child labour as part of its broader vision of building an inclusive ASEAN Community.

19 Aug 2022
Children, Social Protection
ASEAN Children-led Change

A child shall have the right to Children have the right to think for The ASEAN Ministers of Social Welfare and freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of the child’s choice. – Article 12, Convention on the Rights of the A Child

18 Aug 2022
The ASEAN Artists Residency Programme

In recent years, Southeast Asia has become an emerging hub for a vibrant contemporary art scene. The rapid growth of the region’s creative industries has given birth to many creative spaces and galleries, providing platforms for local artists to develop and showcase their work. 

18 Aug 2022
ASEAN Addresses Safe School Reopening and Learning Loss

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, ASEAN Member States have seen school closures impacting more than 152 million children in the Southeast Asian region (Thomas, 2022). School closures and the sudden transition from face-to-face to digital modalities have resulted in significant learning loss and socio-emotional challenges for teachers and learners. 

18 Aug 2022
Children, Education
Addressing Learning Poverty in East Asia and the Pacific

1.1 trillion hours of in-person learning lost

26 Aug 2022
Children, Education
Story Books by Children for Children

Children relate their experiences and feelings in the most fascinating and amusing ways. But their stories are often insightful and profound, giving us a glimpse of how they view the world.

During the pandemic, the view for Hannah and Callum Goh and Zach Bautista was from the confines of their homes. They wrote, illustrated, and published books that deal with the complex topics of death and loss, of not losing hope and chasing one’s dreams.

23 Aug 2022
Children, Education
Online Learning

One hundred fifty-two million students in the region were forced to shift to remote and online learning when the COVID-19 pandemic led to prolonged school closures.

Eight children share how they coped with this abrupt transition and what they liked or disliked about their virtual classes.

23 Aug 2022
Children, Health and COVID-19
On the COVID-19 Pandemic

Five children candidly share how the pandemic affected their daily lives, how it altered their views and attitudes, and what lessons they learned from the experience.

18 Aug 2022
Children, Environment
Climate Change

UNICEF says approximately one billion children are at an “extremely high risk” of the impacts of the climate change crisis. Research has shown that children born now will face much more extreme weather and other climate disasters than their grandparents experienced in their lifetimes. 

The ASEAN asked children in the region about the impact of global warming on their families and communities and how they can  help stop it.