Uma Oma Café: Serving Up Equal Opportunities

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Uma Oma Café: Serving Up Equal Opportunities
2 Jul 2024

Uma Oma Café opened in September 2023 in Jakarta and quickly gained popularity for its nostalgic atmosphere and initiative to hire active older persons. Located just a kilometre from the ASEAN Secretariat, the café serves traditional home-cooked meals and aims to provide a family-like environment. The idea for Uma Oma Café was conceived by its founder, Junaedi Salat, after visiting a retirement home and being inspired by his childhood memories.

We invite you to join us at Uma Oma Café, where we had the pleasure of meeting Oma [Grandma] Wasinah and Rustina. They shared their aspirations with The ASEAN Magazine, expressing their hopes for more working opportunities for the older generation and the chance to undertake the Umrah pilgrimage.

Read more about Oma Wasinah and Oma Rustina's story in The ASEAN Issue no.36, "Reducing Poverty, Uplifting Lives."