What is the ASEAN Youth Development Index?

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What is the ASEAN Youth Development Index?
6 Aug 2020
ASEAN Identity and Community Building, Youth

The ASEAN Youth Development Index (YDI) is a tool designed to keep track of the level of development and wellbeing of the region’s youth in the following domains: education; health and well-being; employment and opportunity; participation and engagement; and ASEAN awareness, values, and identity. Each domain is composed of several indicators or measures. The data for these indicators were obtained from international sources, such as the World Health Organization, Gallup World Poll, and UNESCO. The first YDI was published in 2017.

The YDI is a score that ranges from 0 to 1, with 0 as the lowest and 1 as the highest level of youth development. It is computed by combining the indicators from all of the domains of youth development.

The complete list of references is available at the following link: