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ASEAN Publications on Women
22 May 2023

Strengthening Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Disaster Responsive Social Protection and Anticipatory Action in ASEAN (2023)

The policy brief aims to help ASEAN Member States, sectoral bodies, and partners implement the ASEAN Guidelines on Disaster Responsive Social Protection to Increase Resilience and the ASEAN Framework on Anticipatory Action in Disaster Management. It discusses the current situation in the region, including the factors that enable or hinder gender equality and social inclusion in disaster-responsive social protection and anticipatory action of Member States. It identifies areas of action and key recommendations.

Strengthening Women’s Entrepreneurship in National Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Policies and Action Plans (2022)

The publication provides an overview of the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in the region and the impact of COVID-19 on their businesses. It also gives examples of good practices and policy innovations from Member States. It includes a self-assessment tool that aims to help ASEAN policymakers and administrators responsible for MSME development design more gender-responsive MSME policies and projects, and make the MSME sector more gender-inclusive. (co-published with UN ESCAP, with support from the government of Canada)

Strengthening Women’s Entrepreneurship in Agriculture in ASEAN Countries (2021)

This report explores ways to improve the employment and business opportunities of rural women in ASEAN countries. It examines policy options for reducing barriers (e.g. gender discrimination, unpaid work, lack of training, lack of credit access) that limit women’s economic prospects in agriculture and farming. It reviews the impact of COVID-19 on rural women and the responses of ASEAN governments. (co-published with the OECD)

The ASEAN magazine (April-May 2021) “Gender Equality: Bridge to Progress”

The magazine issue includes interviews with key stakeholders on ASEAN’s progress towards achieving gender equality and efforts to address the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on women. It showcases inspiring stories of women and the journeys they took to pursue their passions and advocacies.

ASEAN Regional Study on Women, Peace, and Security (2021)

The study examines the frameworks and institutional mechanisms for WPS at the regional and national levels; the participation and representation of women in peace processes and decision-making; the protection and prevention of violence against women and girls in conflict and post-conflict situations; and the relief and recovery efforts for women and girls affected by conflict and humanitarian crises. It cites a number of recommendations for enhancing WPS implementation in the ASEAN region, including strengthening coordination and collaboration among stakeholders, increasing funding and capacity-building, and enhancing monitoring and evaluation mechanisms. (co-published with UN Women and USAID)