ASEAN-Japan Fair 2023: Celebrating 50 Years of Friendship and Cooperation

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ASEAN-Japan Fair 2023: Celebrating 50 Years of Friendship and Cooperation
Ixora Tri Devi
Staff Writer, The ASEAN | ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Department

The ASEAN-Japan Fair 2023 took centre stage at the Main Atrium of Plaza Senayan in Jakarta from 29 September to 1 October 2023. Organised by the Mission of Japan to ASEAN and the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) Management Team, this event marked five decades of robust collaboration, a significant milestone in the enduring friendship between ASEAN and Japan.

Ambassador Kiya Masahiko, representing the Mission of Japan to ASEAN, expressed profound gratitude for the collaborative spirit that powered the event. He highlighted that public-private sector partnership is a unique aspect of the ASEAN-Japan Fair.

“The important thing about this ASEAN-Japan Fair is that it is a joint work of public-private partners. Thanks to all the support from ASEAN and Japan. So many companies in Japan and ASEAN are working together for the benefit of the region and the world,” Ambassador Kiya stated in his remarks.

In his address, Deputy-Secretary General of ASEAN for Political- Security Community, Michael Tene, acknowledged the historical roots of the ASEAN-Japan friendship. He emphasised the depth and breadth of their cooperation, spanning political, security, economic, and sociocultural spheres, making it truly comprehensive in nature.

DSG Tene lauded Japan’s pivotal role in areas such as trade, investment, climate change, disaster management, education, and healthcare, reaffirming Japan’s status as a leading partner for ASEAN.

“In the past 50 years, ASEAN-Japan relationship has recorded many important achievements. Our relationship is based on shared values and interest and characterised by mutual trust and respect.”

The fair featured exhibitions by the Japan International Cooperation Agency or JICA and prominent Japanese companies operating in Southeast Asia, such as, J-Trust Bank, Marubeni, and Uniqlo. There were also performances and other activities during the fair. A mascot, JABOT, was chosen to symbolise the innovative spirit and creativity fostered through ASEAN-Japan cooperation.