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Cambodia’s COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout


Dr. Vandine is the Chair of the Ad-Hoc Committee for Rolling Out COVID-19 Vaccination Throughout the Country (ACC-19), and Chair of the Sub-Committee of Education, Training, and Public Communication and Spokesperson of the Inter-Ministerial Committee to Combat COVID-19.

Budi G. Sadikin

Budi Gunadi Sadikin

Minister Budi G. Sadikin explains Indonesia’s strategy for securing an adequate and steady supply of COVID-19 vaccines, the progress of its national vaccination rollout, and approaches to addressing vaccine hesitancy. As current chair of the ASEAN Health Ministers Meeting, he also outlines key regional initiatives designed to facilitate Member States’ recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic Budi G. Sadikin

Sean Luke Dado

On 17 July 2020, Sean Luke Dado, his wife Hazel, their two daughters, and grandson fell ill and later tested positive for COVID-19. Another grandson was spared from the disease. In just 14 days, Sean lost his college sweetheart and wife of 29 years. The ASEAN asked Sean questions about the unimaginable pain and loss Sean Luke Dado

Yudi Yastika and Riza Jurada

Indonesian Yudi Yastika and Filipina Riza Jurada first met on a cruise ship, Carnival Miracle, that sailed from Florida in the US to Mexico, Belize, Hawaii, Colombia, and other routes. Riza and Yudi had been working on the cruise ship for three years before they finally met. They officially became a couple in August 2019 Yudi Yastika and Riza Jurada

Preparing ASEAN Learners for the Future

Delivering quality education to prepare today’s learners for the challenges of a rapidly changing, highly globalised, and technology-driven world has been the overarching goal of ASEAN Member States for many years.

ASEAN Plans to Boost Travel Amid a Pandemic. Here’s how.

Changi Airport, Southeast Asia’s busiest airport with hundreds of thousands of passengers on a typical day, sat near empty for months. The sprawling Angkor Wat complex, normally bustling with tourists in the peak months of January to April, fell silent. These scenes, which look straight out of a dystopian movie, paint a dynamic region on ASEAN Plans to Boost Travel Amid a Pandemic. Here’s how.

Nadira Ramli and Syed Abdul Rahman

Nadira Ramli and Syed Abdul Rahman

Flying the skies to nurturing the earth sums up Captain Nadira and Captain Abdul Rahman’s journey over the past few months. Many employees in the aviation industry are still facing turbulent times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. While boarding gates remain shut, this inspiring husband-wife team share their passion for flying and how they navigate Nadira Ramli and Syed Abdul Rahman

Nguyen Qui Duc

Nguyen Qui Duc

Tadioto is owned by Nguyen Qui Duc, a well-published Vietnamese-American writer who decided to return to Viet Nam after years of living in the US. Duc opened Tadioto in 2007, and after several iterations, it has become the favourite haunt of artists, writers, and literati in Viet Nam. They come to mingle, toss ideas, and Nguyen Qui Duc

Ain Bandial

Ain Bandial

With a focused passion to uphold the integrity and quality of journalism, Ain Bandial and three colleagues made the brave move of starting Brunei Darussalam’s first digital only media company in September 2017. Eyebrows may have been raised as such a venture had yet to be undertaken. Three years on, the Scoop now has a Ain Bandial

Samak Kosem

Samak Kosem

Samak Kosem has been researching on Muslim culture in Southern Thailand for many years. The PhD candidate at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Chiang Mai University communicates his findings through photography, mixed media, and videos, among others, to reach a wider audience. His recent research focuses on homosexuality in Muslim society to understand the Samak Kosem